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Liebster AwardI’ve been trying to stay “under the radar”…  so this post will be a little different from my norm as I am giving you a glimpse into the person behind Cinema Catechesis.  I am very thankful – and extremely honored that Filling My Prayer Closet honored me with inclusion of her top eleven blogs as part of her Liebster Award.  Its more specifically a chain of awards helping small bloggers get their blog out there through those who follow and are followed by them.  Knowing anyone reads what I write is an honor, but seeing it publicized on another blog is even more so!


  1. List eleven random facts about yourself.
  2. Nominate eleven bloggers for the award.
  3. Let them know about the nomination.
  4. Answer the eleven questions you were asked when you were nominated.
  5. Ask eleven questions for the new award winners to answer.

1. Random Facts about me…

  1. My mom is a nurse and my Dad a farmer/farm manager so I can count on one hand the number of times I had a baby sitter growing up (And my grandparents were too far away for us to get dropped off on them except once in a while).  One or the other of my parents was almost always home or they took us with them.
  2. When I first visited Chicago back in college, I loved it, but knew I was a farm girl and wouldn’t be able to handle city life very long.  I declared I could marry someone from there so I’d have reason to go visit often.  I was reminded of that declaration by a friend after about a year of dating my Chicago native boyfriend (now husband). God is great!
  3. My little sisters and brother are much smarter than me!
  4. I have recently discovered a love for houseplants and flower gardening so I have plants and cuttings everywhere I can without upsetting my husband too much.  I blame my maternal grandmother.  😉
  5. I love snack foods, but am not a big desert person.
  6. I very rarely wear makeup despite the fact that I used to get in trouble for wearing it before it was allowed by my parents.
  7. I love Surrealist art & photography.
  8. I wish people were more sensitive to the fact that there are a lot of people who have suffered through infertility or lost children.  Between the things said to me and those I know with similar issues it’s amazing how thoughtless people can be.
  9. I’ve been to Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Holland and Germany, but never to Mexico or Canada.
  10. I can’t eat breakfast.  It just doesn’t sit well until I’ve been up for a few hours.
  11. I love to craft and learn new crafts.  Now that I finally have a sewing machine, I might actually learn to sew!

2. Cinema Catechesis’s Eleven (in no particular order)

  1. Married And Catholic  
  2. The Quoting Catholic 
  3. Life Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This 
  4. Dignitatem 
  5. One Little Sail 
  6. Catholic Lite
  7. Author, Mother, Dreamer 
  8. Social Media Rescue 
  9. Catholic Heart And Mind
  10. Http://archkckblog.wordpress.com 
  11. St Clement Family Blog 

3.  Done

4. My Answers

  1. Why are you blogging?  My husband started blogging, and the more I tried to help him, the more I felt called to start one of my own.  I just couldn’t shake the feeling and finally quit resisting back in October 2012.
  2. What do you read?  Sadly, not much…  but mostly blogs and articles.  I am working on St. Teresa’s The Story of a Soul, Choosing to be Catholic: for the first time or once again by Rev. William O’ Malley, SJ and Between Heaven and Mirth by Rev. James Martin SJ.
  3. What’s your favorite site/book/thing you share with people?   Book:  I recommend A Century of Catholic Converts by Lorene Duquin to anyone and everyone.  Conversion stories always help me somehow…  and the book is in nice, short sections that work really well for someone like me who can’t sit and read a long time and the stories are incredibly compelling!.
  4. What’s your favorite childhood memory?  Hmmmmm….  there are so many.   Probably the birth of my baby sister when I was eleven.
  5. If you could do it all over, what would you be doing right now in your life?  No clue.  My life has definitely not gone in the direction I expected, but I can’t imagine going any other way. 
  6. Whats’ the one thing your best friend doesn’t even know (but will now!)?  No clue.  After 12 years and lots of family gatherings, I’m pretty sure all my secrets are out.
  7. What gets you up in the morning? (and I don’t mean the alarm!)
  8. What 3 blogs do you read every day?  Most of the blogs I follow are not daily, but I usually always read a post (when available) from Standing on my Head, Filling my Prayer Closet, and then about 10 others tie for third.
  9. What can you not live without?  Assuming the basics are covered – Food Clothing Shelter, matters of faith (God, Eucharist, etc) and family, hmmm…I don’t know.  Probably hugs.  I am a hugger and come from a huggy family.  I need to get hugs and give them.  Even our dog gives hugs.  Beyond that – maybe something to write or draw with?  We went 13 days without electricity at my house a few years ago due to an ice storm.  I learned that I could do without so many things…  But I did have good friends and family to help get me through.
  10. You have 10 bucks. What do you do with it?  Buy a movie from the sale bin.  😉
  11. What’s your proudest moment?  Proudest was probably graduating with my Architecture degree and being recognized for an award at the same time.

5. Questions that Need Answering

  1. What pets have you had (species, breed, etc.)?
  2. What’s your favorite Movie?  Why?
  3. What Actor / Actress would you most like to meet?
  4. You win the lottery.  You’ve paid off all your debts and upgraded houses and cars, what do you do with the rest of the money?
  5. Are you a city or country dweller?  Were you raised that way or have you been transplanted?
  6. What is the background on your computer, phone or tablet?
  7. What is your favorite childhood book / book series?
  8. What Genre of music do you listen to the most?
  9. What’s one thing you think others think is strange about you?
  10. What’s one place you really want to visit, but are scared to?
  11. What is your favorite quote?  It can be from anyone, living dead, famous or not.