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Well, I’ve been seeing these Catholic Women’s Almanac Posts from my friends at http://fillingmyprayercloset.com/ and http://www.suscipio4women.com/ so I’m going to try and hope I’m doing this right!

Thanking God for…

  • My wonderful husband, parents and extended family.
  • My friends.
  • The children he had brought into my life, though not my own.
  • The beauty around me.

Looking out my window… What window!  😉  Actually, it’s rainy and dreary, but I know that the beautiful fall foliage is coming and I’m excited to see what happens.

I am praying…

  • For the young people in our youth group.
  • The Holy Souls in Purgatory.
  • For Gods will do be done in my life, my parish, and the world.
  • For all those who ask for prayer, and those known only to Got to be in need of it.

I am pondering… If I am doing what God wants of me.  I am starting to feel pulled in other directions again.  In the past, these sort of things have made me take leaps that have been good – it’s just always difficult to let go.

I am reading…

  • Story of a Soul
  • Choosing to be Catholic:  For the First Time or Once Again
  • I’ve picked up The Interior Castle and hope to start it soon.

I am creating…

  • Not really creating, but working on a personalization of a gift for my newest Godchild.
  • Learning more about gardening
  • Hoping to wrap up some unfinished projects

I’m learning… Ancora Imparo, whether on purpose or by life.

In the kitchen… I don’t cook (if I can help it).  My husband is a wonderful cook.  So now I’m pondering dinner tonight!

Around the house… Laundry, and clean up as I can.  Hard to do much with a full time job and an inside dog that likes to get STINKY when she can.  😉

I’m wearing… Jeans, Magenta knit top.  Nothing fancy, but works for work.

I am looking forward to… My newest Goddaughter’s baptism this weekend.  Plus, time with friends and family as the holy days and holidays approach.

A favorite quote for today… The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

One of my favorite things… Walks with my hubby.  Fall colors.

The week ahead… Parish Council, Religious Ed classes, Baptism, rest (hopefully!)

Captured…  Zipper Spider:  I’ve been watching progress of some of my plantings around the house, and this lovely spider has been around for a week or two.  I’m always amazed at how hard they work – and even if something happens to their web, they put it back.  Granted, I’d be freaked out if it was on me…  but I’m oddly fascinated by them.

 Zipper Spider

Pace Cristo!!