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Here we go again…  I’d say I was snowed it – but really its iced in.  But, that gives me time to watch a few more movies and TRY to get a movie post out…  I’m working on one for The Green Mile, Just Like Heaven and a few others, but I needed to take a break from them for a little bit, so here we go…

Thanking God for…
:: Safety in this nasty weather
:: A warm home to wait out this mess
:: A wonderful family.  Even though we disagree a lot, we’re pretty good at circling the wagon when it’s needed.
:: My wonderful husband.
:: Getting to get out with one of my girlfriends and spend some quality time with my newest God-daughter.

Looking out my window…
We had a pretty serious bit of weather come through that left about an inch of ice and then another five or six inches of snow on top.  It’s dangerous, but you can’t help but see the beauty in that blanket of snow.  Our pup seems to enjoy it.  She’s light colored, so sometimes it’s hard to see her as she goes running around in it.

I am praying…
:: For someone who contacted me by accident last week that appeared to be suicidal.  I am incredibly thankful nothing came of it.  I’m also thankful for the nudging of the Spirit that made me realize what was going on and I was able to get them in touch with help.
:: For those that have lost babies this week.  While I’ve never miscarried, that I know of, some part of me feels like I’m suffering with them in my own struggle.  I know those babies were loved more than seems humanly possible.
:: For all those who are stuck inside all the time, not just because of the weather, but because of health, poverty, or fear.
::For those who are always on my prayer list.

I am pondering…
Why I’m feeling a certain sense of writer’s block.

I am reading…
Still working on Between Heaven and Mirth – and my prayer book.

I am creating…
I was hoping to get to Hobby Lobby today to get some things for a few projects I want to try.  But, since I didn’t make it that far, I’ll be creating a new blog post and whatever else I can try to work on with stuff I have around the house.

I’m learning…
That I have to keep listening to those nudges the Spirit gives.  I try, but I think I probably block out a few.

In the kitchen…
The most I’ve done in the kitchen is help dry a few dishes and heat up some left over pizza.  That is not my domain!

Around the house…
Well, I had all the laundry done and some cleaning, but with the nasty weather, and wearing lots of layers, it has stacked up again, so I’ll be hitting that shortly.

I’m wearing…
A t-shirt and jeans.

Look what I found…
Hmmmmmm…. sorry, since I’ve been home, I haven’t been on the computer much.

I am looking forward to…
Having all my Christmas shopping done and other duties done so I can enjoy the holiday.

A favorite quote for today…
Psalm 65:9-14
Distant peoples stand in awe of your marvels;
the places of morning and evening you make resound with joy.
You visit the earth and water it,
make it abundantly fertile.
God’s stream is filled with water;
you supply their grain.
Thus do you prepare it:
you drench its plowed furrows,
and level its ridges.
With showers you keep it soft,
blessing its young sprouts.
You adorn the year with your bounty;
your paths drip with fruitful rain.
The meadows of the wilderness also drip;
the hills are robed with joy.
The pastures are clothed with flocks,
the valleys blanketed with grain;
they cheer and sing for joy.

One of my favorite things…

Snuggling with the hubs & pup watching tv or movie.

The week ahead…
Will be a mess trying to catch up along with getting ready for Christmas.  I just pray God’s guidance will see us through.


There is a pup in there if you look really close.